3D scanning
3D scans and the resulting models allow for exceptionally high degrees of accuracy and understanding of as-built conditions. Our technologies and expertise result in detailed representations of every aspect of the building and its hidden components, which may be decades old, including wiring, piping and ductwork. By having actual as-built visualizations for reference, we can effectively coordinate work between various trades, avoid conflict, eliminate mistakes, and reduce risk
Step 1.
Our team uses advanced laser scanning tools to record as-built conditions. The scan reads the building's components within seconds to produce recordings with exceptional levels of accuracy
Step 2.
The scan's reading is converted into what is called the Point Cloud, creating an image in three dimensions that is an exact replica of the physical building
Step 3.
The Point Cloud data is then converted into an accurate and functional BIM model
Step 4.
Using the comprehensive BIM model, we then develop detailed shop drawings for each building trade. Shop drawings are then combined into a single plan and used to facilitate communication and effective coordination between trades
Scan objects
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