BIM / Coordination
With as many as 15 trades working on a project at any given time, proper coordination and effective communication between consultants is imperative for construction success. Our BIM models are comprehensive and benefit each trade by visualizing the whole project in one place. We use the industry's latest technologies and software, including AutoCAD/AutoCAD MEP, Autodesk 3ds Max and Revit, PractiCAD and other specialty software for duct and piping detailing and fabrication, to save our clients time and money, increase quality control, and produce better built projects
BIM models
facilitate coordination and construction success for projects of all scales, types, and for both new and existing buildings
BIM models
visualize all building systems, including mechanical and electrical, within the context of architectural designs and planning
BIM models
achieve project success, with less hassle, time wasted, and money spent, by allowing various building trades to effectively coordinate and communicate with each other throughout the project's duration
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