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BIM Modeling & Coordination
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BIM Modeling & Coordination

3D Scanning

Shop Drawings

BIM modeling and coordination involves the creation of detailed, digital 3D models that integrate information about the building's components, systems, and materials. These models enable stakeholders to visualize and analyze the project before construction, facilitating coordination and collaborative decision-making. learn more
3D scanning is a service offered in the realm of BIM. It includes using laser scanners to capture detailed three-dimensional data of existing buildings or structures. The captured data is then processed to generate a highly accurate and realistic 3D model, which can be integrated into the BIM workflow.
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Shop drawings are detailed, customized drawings that provide specific information about prefabricated components, materials, and installation details. In BIM, shop drawings are created based on the 3D models, ensuring accuracy and providing a clear representation of how the building elements will be constructed. learn more



Established in 2012, All City Sketchers is a seasoned provider of BIM services in New York, New Jersey and other areas.

With the rise of customer needs, we began to develop integrated solutions:
3D scanning, BIM modeling in the performance of work for different trades and coordination between them.

Being among the early pioneers of 3D modeling and having delivered over 200 successful projects our passionate and diverse team is eager to implement their knowledge in increasingly complex tasks.

We are convinced that our extensive field expertise combined with advanced technology skills will help us to deliver your best project.
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3D-Modelling, Second Opinion
3D-Modelling, Scanning, Coordination, Second Opinion



3D-Modelling, Scanning, Coordination, Second Opinion


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I would like to express my utmost satisfaction and gratitude towards All City Sketchers, the project bureau that recently conducted 3D scanning and generated a BIM model for our construction project. It has proven to be an invaluable asset in detecting conflicts within the MEP systems, leading to substantial cost savings.

Thanks to the diligent efforts of All City Sketchers, we were able to identify clashes within the MEP systems at an early stage. The clash detection feature within the BIM model enabled our team to rectify these conflicts swiftly, avoiding potential delays and costly rework. The ability to visualize and analyze the various building systems through the BIM model was truly revolutionary, providing us with enhanced coordination and efficiency.
In July of this year we hired ACS to perform a timely scanning of a large area in New York City. By partnering with them for this scanning project, we were able to mitigate potential challenges and conflicts that often arise during large-scale construction projects. Their detailed and precise scans served as an invaluable resource, facilitating seamless coordination among multiple teams and ensuring efficient workflow.

Furthermore, the data delivered by ACS provided a comprehensive understanding of the site, allowing us to identify any potential issues well in advance. This proactive approach not only saved us time and resources but also enabled us to meet our project milestones with ease.
We have worked with All-City Sketchers for many years. The company provided us with top sheet metal shop drawings that we used to manufacture ducts.

Every drawing they make is accurate and convenient to work with. We worked with All-City Sketchers on a range of projects from offices to high-rise buildings. Their calling card is their highly professional approach.

Gin Lau

Manager in G & Y Maintenance, Corp.


50 Hudson Yards is a 58-story office development that forms an integral part of the new Hudson Yards district on the western edge of Manhattan.
Situated between 10th Avenue and Hudson Boulevard and 33rd and 34th Streets, the building occupies an entire city block, providing almost 3 million square-feet of flexible office space along with retail facilities at street level.
We are proud to have successfully executed the BIM process consisting of BIM Modeling and Coordination throughout the project.
New York
16 floors
250 Fifth Avenue is an upcoming 23-story, 230-foot tall building in Midtown.
Main idea to merge old 7 storey building and new 25 storey building in one. The scope of this hospitality project consisted of creating a BIM design model, coordination and collaboration of the architectural, structural and MEP designs.
Especially 3d scanning helped with visualization of upcoming problems in reconstructed old building.
Effective clash detection during the coordination process provided valuable insights for designers to make the necessary changes.
New York
135 453 sq. ft
451 Tenth Avenue is a 587-foot-tall residential skyscraper. The 45-story structure is located on a 17,280-square-foot L-shaped lot at the corner of 10th Avenue and West 35th Street, just north of Hudson Boulevard‘ 66, Bjarke Ingels. We have worked out ventilation systems for the entire building.
New York
45 floors
500 Main Street is a 26-story tower in the heart of Downtown, New Rochelle, NY, which consists of studio, one and two-bedroom units above a five-story parking garage. On this project we’ve drafted, fabricated and installed ductwork. Another achievement that we were able to successfully coordinate routings for all trades for the entire building.
New York
26 floors


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