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3D laser scanning
revolutionizes design and construction by capturing accurate 3D models of existing structures. It helps architects, engineers, and surveyors in designing renovations, conducting land surveys, and detecting clashes. Laser scanning saves time, increases accuracy, and improves decision-making.
solves measurement errors and clash issues. It uses laser scanners to capture precise 3D data, eliminating design mistakes and costly modifications. The data is processed into CAD models or BIM files for visualization and analysis, improving project outcomes.
uses specialized scanners to capture detailed 3D models of objects. The data is transformed into a point cloud, allowing professionals to visualize, analyze, and extract information. Laser scanning saves time, improves safety, and provides accurate measurements for various industries.
saves time and resources by replacing manual measurements and site visits. It captures precise 3D data, allowing for accurate designs and clash detection. Laser scanning is efficient, safe, and improves project outcomes in architecture, engineering, and construction.


3D Laser Scanning
Scanning to BIM

3D Laser Scanning

Scanning to BIM


3D laser scanning is an advanced technology. Using a specialized laser scanner, millions of data points in space are measured to create a high-quality 3D model representing the object's actual... Read more
Scan to BIM technology has emerged as a powerful solution to address the challenges faced in the construction industry regarding accurate and comprehensive as-built documentation... Read more
As-Built Modeling is a valuable service in the construction industry that involves creating accurate and detailed models of existing buildings and infrastructure... Read more

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50 Hudson Yards is a 58-story office development that forms an integral part of the new Hudson Yards district on the western edge of Manhattan.
Situated between 10th Avenue and Hudson Boulevard and 33rd and 34th Streets, the building occupies an entire city block, providing almost 3 million square-feet of flexible office space along with retail facilities at street level.
We are proud to have successfully executed the BIM process consisting of BIM Modeling and Coordination throughout the project.
New York
16 floors
250 Fifth Avenue is an upcoming 23-story, 230-foot tall building in Midtown.
Main idea to merge old 7 storey building and new 25 storey building in one. The scope of this hospitality project consisted of creating a BIM design model, coordination and collaboration of the architectural, structural and MEP designs.
Especially 3d scanning helped with visualization of upcoming problems in reconstructed old building.
Effective clash detection during the coordination process provided valuable insights for designers to make the necessary changes.
New York
451 Tenth Avenue is a 587-foot-tall residential skyscraper. The 45-story structure is located on a 17,280-square-foot L-shaped lot at the corner of 10th Avenue and West 35th Street, just north of Hudson Boulevard‘ 66, Bjarke Ingels. We have worked out ventilation systems for the entire building.
New York
45 floors
500 Main Street is a 26-story tower in the heart of Downtown, New Rochelle, NY, which consists of studio, one and two-bedroom units above a five-story parking garage. On this project we’ve drafted, fabricated and installed ductwork. Another achievement that we were able to successfully coordinate routings for all trades for the entire building.
New York
26 floors


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